Mari Oikarinen

1 – 21 June 2018

Notes from Wasteland

Welcome to The Opening on Thursday 31st May at 6-8 pm!

Mari Oikarinen: From the serie “Mountains” / wood, plaster, net, string / 2018

Notes from Wasteland is the fourth part of Mari Oikarinen’s exhibition on the plant theme. The journey of plant life has gone through floral still lives to the winter garden and from there roadsides. Now we are entering a wasteland that represents a fruitful emptiness; concretely and metaphorically. Wasteland is a place and space that opposes the demands of constant growth and the thinking of the good, for everything to be said. Ville Sutinen writes in his book Kuolleiden muistomerkkien vuosisata:

“Wasteland is not cultivated, but it thrives on what is otherwise kept out of sight. Out of the mind. In the Wasteland the world does not pretend to be ready as it is in glass cities or museums, but it is totally itself — Wasteland is a blind spot whose significance is not observed unless it is deliberately attached to it. It’s a pause in propaganda broadcast. The silence where we can hear our own voice.”

In the exhibition Notes from Wasteland Oikarinen has also found new forms such as mountains alongside plant phenomena. She has sought weirdness and even humor, which is a difficult thing for her. Oikarinen has worked with wood, plaster and textiles and various discovery materials. In addition to these drawings are also present.

Mari Oikarinen (b. 1981) is a visual artist who lives at Rovaniemi. She works with different sculpting materials, installations and drawing. Oikarinen’s works often build through repetition and seriality. In her work, she wants to give room for silence, imperfection and even incompleteness. Working with a wide variety of materials keeps the process of production as open and fresh.