Sanna Kananoja

1st – 24th April 2016

Fresh Green

Sanna Kananoja: Puutarha, 2016, acryl on canvas, 150 x 120 cm

Sanna Kananoja: Puutarha, 2016, acryl on canvas, 150 x 120 cm

“Fresh Green consists of green paintings. In my art, I have already for some years concentrated on landscape and nature scenes. This exhibition focuses on one colour. I have experienced summer as a difficult and boring season for painting ideas as everything is evenly green. I have perhaps even avoided this hearty colour.

Last summer I painted a work titled Banana Brook, which depicted an unkempt brook outside of an industrial building. I find it amusing that this lush scene brings to mind images of places far from Finland in the south. Inspired by this painting, the works I have now chosen focus on views of “Finnish tropical forests,” namely thickets, forests, roadsides, and gardens.

Landscape is a traditional but relevant theme in today’s world. I like the fact that my subject is simple. Landscape in itself does not take a stand or try to be something. I view my surroundings by openly giving it a chance to enthral me. Even a locale that people view with apathy or indifference can be experienced as miraculous, worth looking at. I often choose man-made, controlled, and easily reached nature as my subject.

Looking, seeing, and being in the moment are the key ideas in my work. I paint peaceful images that are easy to approach. I want my paintings to give people a chance for intuitive thoughts as well as non-productive moments for stopping and looking.”

Welcome to the Opening on Thursday 31th March at 6-8 pm.