Aino-Kaarina Pajari

10th October – 2nd November 2014

Cabbage Garden and Rose Garden

Ruusutarhasta (2014), woodcut, 54x76 cm

Ruusutarhasta (2014), woodcut, 54×76 cm

I pick up my topics from my walking and cycling trips, and from my home garden by photographing them. After sketching I transfer my pictures to the plywood. I use many engraving and printing sessions to get colourful print. Usually I print the same theme by changing colours, so every print is unique. This makes it possible to collect variable groups from prints for different spaces.

Prints in this exhibition are based on photographs of two cabbages. After several printing sessions they came out as ”Rose Garden” and ”Cabbage Garden”.

Welcome to the opening on Thursday 10th of October at 6-8pm and to meet the artist on Sunday 2nd of November at 3pm!