Jyrki Markkanen & Emma Lappalainen


10 March 2017 – 2 April 2017

Emma Lappalainen: sarjasta Typographus, 2016

We are a graphic artist couple whose work ties together old analog photography and printing methods and the use of the photograph in printmaking. It is characterized by the diversity and craftsmanship means of expression. Sometimes our work is linked with the three-dimensional structions. We have kept exhibitions together since 2009, most recently in Suomesta Gallery in Berlin in November 2014. Joint exhibitions shows the similarities and equate the work.

Jyrki Markkanen:
My part of the exhibition focuses on the photographic series District, which consists gum bichromate- and inkjetprints. District images are stored in wastelands and in deserted buildings, the overgrown garden, away from producing centers. Images are created by two superposed sheet films, layering brings images of depth and form of the area where the imagination exercise. The District also means the limits that I define to myself in working process.

I’ve been making graphic art since 1980, when I went to the first course at printmaking workshop. At first I used many traditional intaglio printing methods and then been increasingly moving to the photographic area. I produce the material to my works by large format cameras.

By nature I am a collector, I save objects and things. I build myself a mental environment which my works are created. Affect to the work also comes from movies and literature. Often my works relate to each other to form a series and stories.

Emma Lappalainen:
My work is based on Kirjanpainaja / lps. Typographus bark beetles engravings, which I found from my book printer father inherited forest and marsh area in North Karelia.
These recorded life marks on the tree have opened an own kind of system of initial language inside of me. They have inspired awakened associations to unite them to the printed words and sometimes read the image between the lines.

Following nature’s messages and the interpretative freedom of the characters create a fertile space between human and nature’s organically growing interaction.

My work is characterized by finding new modes of expression in order to achieve the spirit and nature of the content of each part of the project. Graphics, I use the traditional methods of the reproduction in printmaking for example inscriptions, lithographs and woodcuts. I print the text of my old typewriter with copper etching or imagon film on thin japanese paper to assemble the works . In addition, I work with the wet plate collodion technique, making alumitypes and glass negatives, printing these as cyanotype / gum bicromate prints.

Our work has been supported by the Arts Council of Central Finland and South Karelia Cultural Foundation.

Welcome to the Opening on Thursday 9th March at 6-8-pm!

Meet the artists on Sunday 2nd April at 2-4-pm.