Carina Granlund

Carina Granlund: Reversible Life

Carina Granlund: Reversible Life, 2013, ink on paper, 28,5 x 36,5 cm with frame

11th October – 3th  November 2013


Carina Granlund is displaying drawings and artists’ books from her latest series, Revelations. “The intense surreal character of Granlund´s intimate and intellectual ink drawings surprise us. Like small stories, without a beginning or an end, they captivate by revealing our innermost insecurities. Granlund shows images of our social environment the way it is, or the way it ought to be. Each drawing becomes a humoristic or ironic comment on social (mis)behaviour. The snap shot scenes have subtle colour combinations and finely drawn lines. The enchantment of the childish characters steer the viewer down memory lane and into a state of curiosity. While the expressive form may stem from fantasy and the unconscious the more serious content most certainly comes from real life situations. These elements combined make Granlund’s drawings irresistible. While joyful colours lure us in, the drawings end up revealing anything but a funny story. Each image unlocks a section on a journey towards a sane view on life, a road beyond the boundaries of prejudice, envy and unavoidable conflict. In Granlund’s drawings the individual is unveiled, confronted with all of her imperfections, needs and social restraints without shame or embarrassment, but with lots of implications. The self-conscious female exposes herself in all unthinkable ways to find solutions to life’s unsolvable dilemma of losing one’s way. Pamela Andersson, curator More information Welcome to the opening on the 10th of October from 6 to 8 pm! Welcome to meet the artist on the 3rd of November at 3pm.