Hanna Räisänen

11th October – 3rd November 2013


Hanna Räisänen’s exhibition includes water colour paintings of outdoor scenes. They are inspired by the growth and awakening of nature every spring. A large part of the works have been painted outdoors: on the yard, in the garden, in the park or at the edge of the forest. In painting, the artist has attempted to hold back the progress of seasons. The paintings are snapshots of the fleeting play of light and shadows and the ever ongoing transformation of nature as summer passes into autumn. Hanna Räisänen graduated as an artist in 2006 from Lahti Art Institute. She’s had individual exhibitions in 2007 at Lahden Taidepanimo, in 2010 Galleria Uusi Kipinä, Lahti, in 2011 in Galleria Huuto, Helsinki and in Galleria Gjutars, Vantaa, in the summer of 2013. Currently she is studying art therapy at Aalto University. Welcome to the opening on the 10th of October from 6 to 8 pm! Welcome to meet the artist on the 3rd of November at 3pm.

Hanna Räisänen: Odotan valoisaa hetkeä, 2013

Hanna Räisänen: Odotan valoisaa hetkeä, 2013



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