Heli Penttinen

11th September – 5th October 2014


kutsarikuva heliNothing is important except gardening and even that is not so important.

Painting and gardening have a lot in common. No matter how much you do protecting, limiting, watching over and planning, at some point your painting as well as your garden start to live their own lives and everything turns into improvisation.

Colours behave in an unexpected way and the painting becomes self-guided. A deer snatches away the top of an apple tree while passing by and the foxglove thrives completely elsewhere than in the spot you planted it.

In the exhibition I have put together a bunch of paintings in ink, watercolour and oil. They all deal with plants, growing, upbringing, education…or the lack of it.

Pusula, 10th of August, 2014 Heli Penttinen

Welcome to the opening on WEDNESDAY 10th of September at 6-8pm and to meet the artist on Sunday 5th of October at 3pm!