Göran Torrkulla

14th October – 6th November 2016


Göran Torrkulla: Världsägget (eggshell, metal, acrylic) 8,5 x 5,5 cm 2014

Göran Torrkulla: Världsägget (eggshell, metal, acrylic) 8,5 x 5,5 cm 2014

Variations in search of their theme

An open question continually to be reconsidered
A draft on my view on making Art

Engaged in making a work of Art consists for me mainly in a sustained elaboration of variations on a certain theme, attempting to amalgate my point of departure with unexpected aspects that appear during the working-process. One could also call it an attempt to map the interspace between the familiar and the unknown – to discern the overlooked or disregarded in our ongoing life-world.

My way of working could thus be described as a meditative dwelling on the theme, in order to find and cultivate a visual expression for a kind of reverent wonder at the existence of the world – at existing here and now. In this endeavor I see Philosophy and Art as the two sides of the same attempt to foster a living attention to the complex plurality of unforeseen transformations – a task that continually needs to be reinvestigated and reconsidered within the artistic activity. This seems to me to be the way Art can matter and get its importance.

Meet the artist on Sunday 23rd October and Saturday 5th November at 1pm.