Laura Miettinen

14th December 2018 – 6th January 2019


Welcome to the Opening on Thursday 13th December at 6—8 pm!

Laura Miettinen: a Letter from the Sea II, photopolymer, 30 x 40cm, 2018.



has been developing during the many years of dreaming, and fulfilling visits to the places, where the stones look at the sea as the sea has weathered, eroded and reshaped the coastal rocks. I have wanted to let time elapse, stars to move, the seas to churn, and to allow my mind prepare slowly, like the algae which attaches to the stones in the eternal force of the tide. The process of materials sliding to each other is related to association. With time, the phenomena transform each other and form chains whose parts remember being the same material. Likewise the images in this exhibition form into chains.

Lowlands can also be seen in this exhibition as a Land: The Northern coasts of Scotland with their ancient, lonely standing stones and their algae entangled with the rocks, have defined the chains of materials and images. The old sea ballad Lowlands is one of these pictures and gives its name to the exhibition. The experience and melancholy of the one who stayed on the shore are guiding the state of mind to which the exhibition is connected.

I chose Photopolymer to be my method in this show for it’s documentary expression. It is like photography, but during the work process something happens and it transforms. This process and black printing ink seem to have a quality to reveal the metaphysics of phenomena. The prints were all created during the year 2018 and the animation has been realized by animation Artist Sonja Yrjölä.


Laura Miettinen (b.1968 in Helsinki) is a visual artist who uses the methods of printmaking. She lives and works in Turku and teaches Printmaking in the Arts Academy’s Fine Arts Degree Program, the Turku University of Applied Sciences.. She has participated in many national and international exhibitIons since graduating 1995.

Exhibition is supported by Turku City Board of Culture