Minna Poikonen

15th August – 7th September 2014


kutsuetu_poikonenPAINOONUS born psychologist Abraham Maslow (1908-1970) created a pyramid shaped hierarchy of needs in which the needs and motives of a human being are divided into groups. The bottom level of the pyramid contains the basic needs, for example the need for food, water and sleep but also the need to be able to express one’s own sexuality. These needs don’t disappear with age.

The first impression of another person is created by their appearance. Different media are shouting at us about how we can stay youthful, how to get rid of wrinkles and gray hair. The advertisers are poking at our lack of self-confidence and thus money changes hands. As early as three months later, if you look very carefully at yourself, your face might look less wrinkled. And for goodness sake, surely we are worth it!

We live in an appearance-centered world. Sexuality and sex are still strongly linked with youth. However, according to research, especially women are sexually most active during their middle age years. But is there a chance for an aging person to find a partner and express her own sexuality in this youth idealizing society when, in the end, gravity will win?

Minna Poikonen is studying sculpting in Turku Arts Academy. During her studies she has been pondering questions around womanhood and has created works, for example about aging, infertility problems and sexual self-determination. VETOVOIMA / PULL is Minna Poikonen’s third solo exhibition.

Welcome to the opening on the Night of the Arts, 14th of August 2014 at 6-10pm!
Meet the artists on 7th of September at 3pm!


Venus Expired? (2013)


Siviä (Chaste, 2014)