Matti Tainio

16th November – 9th December 2018

Nothing to see

Welcome to the Opening on Thursday 15th November at 6-8 pm!

Meet the Artist on Sunday 25th November at 3-4 pm.

Screenshot of the algorithm of Matti Tainio’s video artwork

The Exhibition
Ei mitään nähtävää (Nothing to see) presents nondescript landscapes and random videos. Bland aesthetics without an obvious narrative.

The intention of the exhibition is to rise questions about seeing and watching. How to watch, when there is nothing to see? Or when seeing is not enough and one just has to watch?

I have been looking for methods for visualizing things and moments that are not really visible. Thought what kind of influence framing the perception and naming things have in becoming visible and recognizable.

Watch, look at or contemplate the works and decide what you think. Despite the name there are things to examine.

The Works
The artworks in the exhibition result from couple of years work. The material has been collected as part of my everyday life following predefined patterns. The ideas of the finished works in the exhibition have emerged in the early stage of the working process but found their final form during the last couple of months. In the finished works, this form joins with the content accumulated during the past few years.

Equinoxes and Solstices
Summer and winter solstices, vernal and autumnal equinoxes are annually recurring moments when the earth reaches a turning point in its orbit.

I have photographed these repeating moments in different environments designed for transport during the past three years and processed the data in order to remove all human movement from the images.

These videos filmed between the years 2015 and 2017 are not my memories. They result from a task I set myself: to film something every day. My intent was to capture something interesting and special, but usually I did not success and end up filming indifferent things. However, watching the footage now brings in my mind recollections from the time. The idea of presenting the material as random bursts of recollection formed during the accumulation of the footage and their weaving with my memories.

Matti Tainio is a visual artist and researcher
Tainio’s work takes place in an interdisciplinary setting, employing various mediums. The medium used habitually emerges from the requirements of the ongoing project. Recently, Tainio has linked ideas about seeing and remembering with algorithm-based processing of photographic images and software-generated videos.

The themes of his works emerge from the everyday experiences, often intertwining with his research practice. His artistic work in connection with research focuses on processes that help to elaborate the subject of the research outside the limitations of language.

Tainio works currently as a post doc researcher at Pori Urban Platform of Aalto University PUPA. His research interest deals with the aesthetic experiences in various settings. At the moment, he explores the significance of aesthetics in contemporary physical activities and the aesthetic experience of darkness.