Maija Kurki

16 September – 11 October 2016

Studies on Flesh

Maija Kurki: Blessing, 2015, 3D-photography, diasec 110 x 94 cm

Maija Kurki: Blessing, 2015, 3D-photography, diasec 110 x 94 cm

Studies on Flesh is an exhibition focusing on flesh, the meanings of flesh, the sensation of flesh, and the studying of flesh. All of the works are 3D photographs, which are viewed with 3D-glasses.

Flesh allows us to see the perishing, aging, and rotting of life and the living. As a consequence of fear of losing, time becomes holy and unique for it can never be redeemed. Everything around us degrades and slowly vanishes. On the other hand flesh stands for the vitality of nature: the birth and growth of something new, sexuality, lust for this very moment.

In my photographs I want to consider this contradiction and the balance between being full of life and subject to perishing at the same time. I photograph since the passing of time forces me to lose everything. With the help of photography I am in control of the visible reality; I can create strange places and perspectives, like flickers of reality which may have never existed. Through the 3D glasses the photographs come closer or distance themselves; they surround the viewer with their own reality.

Maija Kurki (born 1988) is a photographer living and working in Turku, Finland. They graduated from Turku Arts Academy in 2012 and have been working a long time with themes relating to the course of time, the inevitable cycle of nature as well as the never-ending change in nature. The 3D effect is manually created to each photograph. Kurki’s work has been featured in numerous group exhibitions. Studies on Flesh is their fourth solo exhibition.

The exhibition opening is on Thursday September 15 at 6 pm. Welcome!

The exhibition and work has been funded by:
Arts Promotion Centre Finland (The Arts Council of Varsinais-Suomi)
Finnfoto ry
Kone Foundation
Finnish Cultural Foundation