Antti Turkko

19th June – 13th July 2014


Accumulation of traces and notes generated in the (gallery)space, a temporal knot (installation) \ everything is usable material \ materialized/material presence \ (char)coal + mixed media \ found material*, acryl paint and mixed media on canvas/melamine/MDF \ *synthetic textile/polypropelyne/acryl/plexiglas \ Accumulation of energy, material, movement and traces in the form of an installation, the boundary conditions of which is space \ keywords \ materiality/materialism \ spatial experience (”spatial experience as a contour and a form of thought”)(the articulation of space as an exhibition) \ 3D-painting \ naftology (see e.g. Tere Vadén: Oil and the Regime of Capitalism: Questions to Philosophers of the Future) \ Energeia is a technical term from Ancient philosophy, referring to functional actuality. Originating from Aristotle, the term refers to something that is ”in the making” or ”in use”, i.e. active. Energeia is the activity of actualization, something that has not yet been fulfilled. It can also be understood as a process. Energeia is the origin of the word energy, but the meaning of the word has changed over time so that the contemporary use barely helps in understanding of the Aristotelian term. Actuality refers to the current state of the being. When potentiality actualizes, ”hidden” possibility or property will become existent and visible. For Aristotle, the pure potentiality was presented by all matter. When matter gets form, it becomes actual. \ art lies somewhere between the scientific knowledge and mythical or magical thought \ artist knocks on the walls \ Setting human and material on the same line \ The final work of art is not only an outcome of the artist’s (conscious) work.

Welcome to the opening on Wednesday 18th of June at 6pm!

Meet the artist on 13.7.2014 at 3pm.