Jenni Hämäläinen

19th June – 13th July 2014

Rasti ruutuun / Crossed

First there are the blurry thoughts in your head of which you can’t make sense. Then there are the days in your studio when work seems to happen aimless and in a fog. At some point something happens and the (mental) image begins to sharpen.

Stratification, layers, structures, causal relations, changes of direction, borderline. Remembrance, oblivion. Giving up – victory. To climb a mountain you’re not sure exists. To climb nonetheless, lacking options. Symmetry and false balance. Destabilizing them – balance?

Familiar symbols, rabbits, a kind of allegory of one’s own inner life. The description of one’s own inner life in a diagram.

While making this exhibition I’ve been wondering about how mental state and psychical health are assessed and measured. It feels that nowadays you should be able to measure everything. In the internet you can’t avoid all kinds of measurements, tests and formulas.

I’ve been following institutions for psychiatric care and how the patient’s state is evaluated. For instance someone who’s seeking consultancy can be asked to fill in a form where s/he has to evaluate the amount of his/her anxiety at a scale from 1 to 10. This way you get a rapid diagnosis that can be met with medication, and the issue is squared away. In my view this is truncates and underestimates the human and her dimensions.

For me art is a medium for asking questions and searching for answers. Questions interest me more. I didn’t find a suitable form, so I decided to make my own. This exhibition. Have I answered all my questions? I hope not.

Welcome to the opening on Wednesday 18th of June at 6 – 8 pm!

Meet the artist on 13th of July at 3 pm!