Heidi Lahtinen

2-25 June 2017

Sweet horizon

Detail from Heidi Lahtinen’s art work “Horizon” (2017, acryl on canvas, 130 x 160 cm).

When I paint, space is always at the center of my attention. Everything is based on space. It’s something I can’t escape, and don’t want to either, because it tickles my being. What is space for me then? I experience it as some kind of fullness of existence. I don’t experience space as a synonym for emptiness or distance. Space is rather everything there is, horizon, joy, burp, grass, twirl or a scratch on the side of a car.

Heidi Lahtinen graduated as a painter from Free Art School 2011. Exhibition at Gallery Å is her fifth solo exhibition and she has participated in group exhibitions around Finland.

Welcome to the Exhibition Opening on Thursday 1 June at 6 pm!

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