Artist of the Year 2016 Marjatta Holma

20 October – 12 November 2017


“One can see Marjatta Holma´s paintings at least from two different perspectives of view.

At first, art historical approach, where one can understand Holma´s art as part of modernist source of simplification. In a process, get as much things away as possible and then finally we will see a painting without picture, as artist herself has defined her purpose. Often Holma pointed out an idea of been non-pictorial as an minimalist consept. In her approach she differs herself from the generic mainstream and consumption way to use image as well as from all sorts of blossoming merrymaking. Reckless stream of images turned her into opposition and in source of extreams of non-pictorial.

An other approach from a totally opposite direction: When our time reckless visualism has supressed a flow of esthetic images, Holma has started everything a new. She has placed a painting in a point zero. Studying and understanding a very matter from which painting is made. So often, in front of Holma´s artworks you get a feeling that the very texture canvas, priming and quality of paint itself are enough to create a complete artwork. Or, as painter has stated, painting itself defines its fullness.

Selection of Marjatta Holma of been Turku Artists’ Association´s An Artist of The Year 2016 bares in itself a third point of view, that I hopefully overwrites to previous points of view. Been aware of artist´s noticeable legacy a viewer can approach an exhibition free from all definitions and explanations.”

Art critic Hannu Castren

Marjatta Holma (b. 1976) selected an Turku Artists´ Association 2016 artist of The Year. Selection was made by two members of the jury of 92nd Annual Exhibition of the Turku Artists’ Association: Jenny Nybom, museum director of Lönnström Art Museum, and Piia Oksanen, curator from Wäinö Aaltonen Museum of Art. An exhibition in Gallery Å is prize exhibition of Marjatta Holma.

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Thursday 19 October at 6 pm!

Meet the artist on Sunday 12th of November 3 – 4 pm.