Minnamaria Nurmi

23rd May – 15th June 2014


Viisi tutkimusta omasta tilasta (osa 5), 21,0 cm × 29,7 cm, lyijykynä paperille, 2013

Viisi tutkimusta omasta tilasta (osa
5), 21,0 cm × 29,7 cm, lyijykynä paperille,

One day I noticed I was in a place that felt my own. I understood that I was doing and thinking things in a different way than before, everything felt right and significant. The face in the mirror was the same, but something had changed.

I found another person who felt completely different from anyone else I had met before. The sun was shining outside and the light diffused into colors when it shined through a crystal. When the light shined on me I felt its warmth and all the colors that diffused from the crystal.

There were also days when the sun didn’t shine. There were no light, no color spectrum, only greyness. During those days I wandered in the dark with suspicion towards everything I had achieved, afraid of losing it all.

The truth is something between these two extremities. For me it is most inspiring to grasp the moments when the emotional charge is strongest, whether they are negative or positive feelings. The drawings in the exhibition form a story about my life during the year when I found and remembered myself as a person and as an artist.

Minnamaria Nurmi (b. 1984) is a visual artist who graduated from Turku Arts academy 2010. Her drawings are autobiographical: immediate comments and thoughts about life and feelings wakened by it. Recent themes in her work have been self-analysis, relationships, sexuality, love, happiness and its definitions. Arts Promotion Centre Finland’s Regional Office of Southwest Finland has supported the completion of the exhibition.

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