Markku Haanpää

23th June – 17th July 2016


Markku Haanpää: “Arkimandala”, 2016. acryl on canvas, 185 x 142cm

Upstairs, Present, On the cutting board:
“Life is continuously on a cutting board in one way or another. The past life experiences affect our decisions, but we still don’t know about the future as far as even seconds, and good so. Other people’s decisions will also affect our lives. We are one, although a person might experience oneself to be even too meaningful. Life is an incredible nexus, which spreads out in all directions without anticipation. This particular moment is essential. The complexity of life, but ultimately life’s continuous flow. Things to see and experience: I am here right now.

My cuttings signify reflective thinking about one’s presence by the cutting board. Cuttings of everyday life and wondering about the existence: thoughts of our right to exist and the impossibility of anticipation (spiced up with vegetarian food).”

Downstairs, past, Mantra:
“The idea for Mantra-piece comes from my room as a teenager which I painted black. After I moved from my childhood home my old room was painted immediately white and the room was decorated with pictures of angels. My parents were worried about me and they didn’t understand that my black room was really a way to express myself. To do things differently.

Fine arts were little-known in my family, but crafts were deeply rooted in the lives of my parents. My father made different kinds of woodwork and my mother made plentiful handwork from mittens to carpets. Income was obtained from a potato field, grain fields, animal husbandry and from my father’s company that repairs Massey Ferguson tractors. Art was represented by the Fighting capercaillies-themed needlepoint work on the wall and my father’s woodwork, the rest was something else, quite questionable playing.

I liked my black room and I often tuned it by making different small changing installations in there which could be for an example dried rose petals on the floor or wobbly tower made of pieces of glass in the corner. I find myself returning to this blackness again and again, which was my refuge and the base of all the colors of the world, my room that was flavored with melancholy: returning to my prayers to find my own way out of the usual.

The Mantra-piece is constructed piece by piece, by gluing horizontal fabric strips on canvases of different sizes. Tearing the fabric strips from unbroken fabric was already one process as was their individual coloring, to come whole again. I have thought that Mantra would be in process for a longer period. My idea is that I could replace some parts of this piece with new ones and the colors of the fabric strips might perhaps turn in a completely different direction. Now I have made the darkness of my youth visible, the base of the all my colors. Is Mantra glowing in the colors of the rainbow after some years, or has my strips turned to vertical? I don’t know what is coming up in the future.”

Instead of an opening we are celebrating the Finissage on Friday 15th July at 6–8 pm., welcome!
Meet the artist on Sunday 17th July at 2–4 pm.

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