Jarkko Rantanen

24th August – 16th September 2018

The Mountain

Welcome to the Opening on Thursday 23rd August at 6-8 pm!
Meet the Artist on Satuday 8th and Sunday 9th September at 2-4 pm.

Jarkko Rantanen: The Mountain (detail), 2018, oil on aluminium, á 41,5 x 60 cm

My exhibition in Gallery Å consists of mosaical mountainscape paintings.
The ever changing nature of a mountain is emphasised in the paintings. The similarity of forms and the richness of details is also compared to the difficulty in apprehending the scale of a mountain. I have taken the mountain apart in order to understand better it´s massiveness. These pieces together form the bigger picture. The mountain is strong and glaring but also harmonical and distant in the paintings.

The symbolism related to the mountains is forceful. They are seen as places of rest and sanctity but the mountain is also a symbol of power. From the top of the mountain one can see everywhere like a god. Mountains are often displayed like a postcard cliche. In addition to this, I deal with the sense of isolation, which is present on the mountains in my paintings.

Mountains have always been a versatile and bewildering experience for myself. One can sense the feeling of being above the ordinary but still very vulnerable and reliant on one’s own judgement.

The artistic process takes place at my studio in Turku. As a material aluminium suggests a fast painting method. I paint with my fingers and enjoy the sense of spreading the oil paint. Aluminium brings out the best qualities of oil colors when the paint is used in thin transparent layers.

In his latest work Rantanen has painted landscapes on aluminium. He has held his latest solo exhibitions in Pori, Tampere and Lahti. He has also participated in curated group exhibitions in Sysmä, Pieksämäki and in Heinävesi. Finnish State Art Collection and Salo Art Museum’s collection has Rantanen’s paintings as well as Turku T-hospital and several private collections. His next solo exhibition will be in Helsinki at TM-Gallery in January 2019.