Mikko Sakala

25 August – 17 September 2017

Photographs and Video

Mikko Sakala: Ennen aamua

Human presence is the foundation for Sakala’s works in the exhibition. He doesn’t just paint a picture of a person, but the actual person. Using different manner and materials during painting gives birth to a set of work then photographed by Manja Riihelä. When painting and colors break the forms and space of reality they build new meaning into the pictures at the same time. That for which there are no words is given shape and becomes visible.

Video piece Dustmoonwater (2012, 16 min) is a combination of painting, performance and music. A tale of a journey into memories, light and darkness.

Mikko Sakala (born 1961 in Sippola) studied at the The Finnish Art Academy School in 1980-1984. As a painter he approaches the art of painting in various different ways and from many directions. His large oil paintings often include three-dimensional elements or the paintings take the form of video or photography. Sakala lives and works in Kouvola.

Welcome to the exhibition opening on Thursday 24 August at 6 pm!

Meet the artist on Saturday 2nd of September 2 – 3 pm.

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