Ville Laaksonen

26.04. – 19.05.2013


Welcome to the opening on the 25th of April from 6 to 8 pm!

Welcome to meet the artist on the 5th of May at 3pm!

Please notice that gallery is closed on the 1st of May and on the 9th of May.

Nature Morte - Screaming Tree 2013 oil and acryl on canvas 200 x 220

Nature Morte – Screaming Tree
oil and acryl on canvas 200 x 220

LIVE: “to be, to have life; to experience,” also “to supply oneself with food, to pass life (in some condition), to remain, to persist, persevere, continue”. Another meaning: “to make a residence, dwell”.

LIFE: “existence, lifetime, way of life, condition of being a living thing, opposite of death,” Much of the modern range of meanings was present in Old English. Meaning “art which distinguishes living from non-living matter”, sense of “vitality, energy” extended to “term of duration (of inanimate objects).”

BELIEF used to mean “trust in God,” while faith meant “loyalty to a person based promise or duty” (a sense preserved in keep one’s faith, in good (or bad) and in common usage of faithful (or faithless), which contain no notion of divinity). But faith, as cognate of Latin fides, took on the religious sense and belief became limited to “mental acceptance of something as truth,” from the religious use in the sense of “truth as a matter of religious doctrine”.

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