Heta Laitakari

27th May – 19th June 2015

Sentient Water

Heta Laitakari: Part of series The Precious Water 1/7, bronze, glass, wood and light, diameter 20 cm, height 17 cm, 2016

“Mankind has a complex relationship with nature. The core of my exhibition, Sentient Water, is about the interface between man and nature. My latest pieces of art are about water, the natural resource that belongs to everybody. With the means of light I represent water as a sacred element; bronze casted, organic figures rise from ponds of light. I often use nest-like forms and shapes from seeds and seedcases in my work. For me the seeds represent wisdom and remembrance.

My artistic work is often a hybrid of media; nevertheless, it is very important for me that the final piece of art is calm and meditative. I have used mostly wood as frame material and paper as material for the light domes. Bronze as a material came along more recently. Latest series is called The Precious Water (2016), in which the light brings the bronze casted elements to life.”

“Laitakari’s light sculptures create a pious and harmonious atmosphere. Forest is often referred to as a sacred place for Finns. Laitakari’s sculptures provide their viewers with a small shrine, a soothing space to contemplate man’s twofold relationship with nature. As human beings we are dependent on nature, but we also exploit it quite unscrupulously. However, Laitakari has emphasized how her works are always about hope, after all. Wood as material is personified and becomes a thinking subject in the hands of the artist: “The light domes with drawings on them are kind of thought bubbles of the tree’s memories and its hopes for the future. I have adopted the shape for the light domes from the seeds and seed capsules of different plants.” Seeds represent knowledge and power for the artist. Without them our ecosystem would be destroyed.” – Tomi Moisio (MA, art historian)

The opening of the exhibition is on Thursday 26th of May at 6.00 p.m. Welcome!

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