Magdalena Åberg

27th July – 19th August 2018


Welcome to the Opening on Thursday 26th July at 6-8 pm!


Magdalena Åberg: from the serie Interiors no. 1, 2018, oil paint on wood, 30 x 30 cm
Photographer: Nina-Maria Oförsagd

Inwards, towards the inside
Searching for a border
Getting close to the repugnant
Trying to reveal the beauty

The limit between the disgusting and the beautiful
Far beyond the limit of what I am comfortable with
On the inside of skin and muscles
Into the dark and bloody

Into the healthy
and the sick
In to what I in reality do not want to see

Painting has been my main occupation since over 15 years, although I enjoy having many tasks to do; some activity on the Finnish art scene (right now through kunsthalle Kohta, which I have started with some colleges), picture book manuscripts, drawing maps or curating art on electricity distribution boxes in Helsinki, where I live. I have a degree in art as well as in journalism – I have always seen art as a form of communication. A communication that cannot always be translated into words, especially not the reason behind it. A kind of poetic communication that is endangered in a society that honours rationality and effectiveness.

My painting motifs have varied through the years, with a kind of oppositeness in common; like light/shadow, heimlich/unheimlich, beautiful/disgusting.