Laura Lilja

28.3. – 20.4.2014

Flower curtains and rose tapestry

According to the national crime victim research from the year 2012, ten percent of the women and six percent of the men living in a relationship have experienced physical violence from their current partner. Jealousy, a desire to humiliate the other partner, quarrels about money issues and purchases as well as the agent being aggressively intoxicated are seen as most common reasons for violent situations.

Violence in family and close relationships is a problem of every age, education and social groups. In addition to partnerships violence is experienced also between other members of the family – for instance in one fourth of the cases of family violence that become known to the police the victims are children.

Alongside the agents also the victims often tend to keep the acts of violence secret. Only under 10 percent of the cases are reported to the police. As well as telling about violence, also getting help is among other things connected to shame and fears about credibility, bad partnership or parenthood, economical survival or loosing one’s children. A long lasting violence causes dejection and dependance, leaving may seem impossible and the violence doesn’t even necessarily end with the relationship.

The rose diagrams used in the installation Flower curtains and rose tapestry are based on statistical data about the crimes collected by the police from 1999-2012, the national crime victim research by the Research Institute of Legal Policy from 2012 and the female victim researches done in years 2005 and 1997. The installation consists only of a few concrete elements – the main role is played by feelings, atmosphere and the slowly changing shadows.

The National Council for Visual Arts and the Arts Council of Satakunta have supported the exhibition.

Help, information and support for violence in family and close relationships from the webpages of Finnish Online Family Shelter:

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