Anne Kantola

29th April- 22nd May 2016



Anne Kantola: Part of installation “#Tagitnyt”, acrylic plate, 2016.

#Tagitnyt is Anne Kantola’s (b. 1992) art thesis which is an installation about how information turns into art. Installation is based on the most popular hashtags in spring 2016. The work shows the discussions around the world.

In the modern world discussion has changed and moved to social media. Discussions used to be more local but nowadays everyone can take part in them. Globalization is seen in the hashtags that are often famous all over the world at the same time.

The most popular hahstags present what is now in or topical. Current matters, political trends and popular culture are all represented all over the world. Almost every country have the most famous hashtag which is the capital city of the in question country. If something important is happening, it shows immediately in the social media.

The viewer can participate in the discussion about this artwork with hashtag #Tagitnyt.

The opening of the exhibition is on Thursday 28th of April at 6.00 p.m. Welcome!

The gallery is closed on 1st and 5th May.