Kaisa Kunelius

29th April- 22nd May 2016

Forces and absorptions


Kaisa Kunelius: Part of installation “Forces and absorptions”, video projection on canvas, 2016.

”This exhibition is not a story with narrative or words but forces that wind together. It’s arrangeable space where atmosphere is everchanging. Joy and melancholy, absent-mindedness, incidental and a kind of order are all present. Exhibition consists of painting, sound, light, moving image and three-dimensional elements.

The tension of present, perceiving presence and imaginary wandering are essential in my working. The temporarity of the external world is often the center of my interest: the accumulation of touches and destruction in materials and surroundings are the kind of things I have learned to go deeply into as I have looked at paintings and painted.”

The opening of the exhibition is on Thursday 28th of April at 6.00 p.m. Welcome!

The gallery is closed on 1st and 5th May.



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