Aleksi Matikainen

3rd – 25th January 2015


Muukalaiset (2014), 100 x 70 cm, coal on paper

Muukalaiset (2014), 100 x 70 cm, coal on paper

In this series of works I investigate and reflect the themes of oblivion, alienation and peculiarity. I have been drawing this series for about a year with working title “Strangers”. The process of working on this title has created a background to the body of works where the oblivion, alienation and peculiarity are communicated through the distorted appearance of the human figures. These works derive their content and visual form from both fictional and real encounters. These encounters have become a part of the narrative in which one keeps asking: where do we come from, who are we and where are we going? Welcome to the opening on Friday 2nd of January at 6-8 pm and to meet the artist on Thursday 15th of January at 3pm!



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