Linda Granfors

4th – 27th December 2015

Temple of Love

Linda Granfors: Nut, 2015, watercolor, crayon and ink on paper.

Linda Granfors: Nut, 2015, watercolor, crayon and ink on paper.

“To build temples is part of human nature, in different times of history man has built great buildings to honor or to praise varying subjects. I recognize this need to build something grand and big for the sake of good things in myself. If I had been Madame de Pompadour or Marie Antoinette I would also have had houses and temples built in the French countryside just like they did. The buildings would have been dedicated to universe, to peace, to silence, love and art, the subjects are many.

Now I build invisible temples, some unfinished, some I take down and rebuild, but there is always some constructionwork going on. In nature you can find ready temples that praise life and beauty and which are in no need of any human constructions. But it feels difficult to only settle for the role of an admirerer, the need to create and build oneself is too big. To accomplish big building projects demands faith, strenght and devotion, qualities that I sometimes feel that I lack although I would want to succeed.

Sometimes the building materials can turn out to be wrong or weak. In the 1980’s the band Sisters of Mercy was known for their hit ”Temple of Love”, at least amongst goths. In the dark song the temple of love doesn’t offer shelter or keep out the wind any longer, finally it falls down. It might be a good thing that some temples aren’t ment to last, that they are ment to be eternally rebuilt and reborn. Nothing new can arise if not the old is taken down first. Nature is full of death and birth the whole time. Still something remains after all has been smashed down, the experiences and memories, an echo from the past. We are all part of an invisible chain of human lives. A chain that is built of experiences of how it is to be human. It connects with other chains and together all chains form a net. The net can be seen as a living organism that grows and develops. All experiences, memories and feelings that belongs to humankind are connected there in that organism, which never stops moving and changing. It is the world tree that has seen the past and foresees the future, it reaches down to the underworld and up to heaven and covers all life in between.

I paint both playfully and seriously, preferrably mixing fantasy, history and my own moods. The ingredients for an exhibition might be several, but I aim for an overall state of atmosphere.”

The opening of the exhibition is on Thursday 3rd of December at 6.00 p.m. Welcome!

The gallery will remain closed on 6.12. and from 24th to 26th of December