Sirkku Rosi

4 – 27 May 2018

re- re- re-

Sirkku Rosi: ”Youth”, 2016

Sirkku Rosi: ”Youth”, Aquarelle (110×80 cm), 2016

Welcome to The Opening on Thursday 3rd May at 6-8 pm!

Shapeless object is formed of processing times of the requirements, of unsaid sentences and of things undone. Lumbs are inside ones head. Lumbs are revealed after clearcutting the woods. Shapeless object formed by my recently plastercasted limb (on my way all the time). The lovely lumb: my favorite stone! Mineral lumb or flesh lumb. Breedinghealth, environmental anxiety and career pressures. Oh, girls just wanna have fun! The contradiction comes from the need of stay still and proceed.

The exhibition is a collection of pictures of stillness and movement. Organic and unorganic shapeless objects. Reshaped figures through covering and revealing. Constantly molding lumbs. Persistently changing personalities and steady needs. Flickering and elastic desires. When something is hidden is something else always revealed. Remake, restart, reform, reshape, rethink.

Sirkku Rosi (b.1987, Tampere) graduated as a Master of Arts from Aalto university in 2015 and works mainly with aquarelles and performance art. She is interested in rituals and poetry raising from every day life and it´s absurdity. Rosi is pondering the connections between bodily and visual working with art. She sees the lived body and flesh as a shared experience and her works are kind of diminutive carnival of flesh.