Kristiina Mäenpää

5 May – 28 May 2017

On a Postnatural Basis

Kristiina Mäenpää: Can’t see the forest for the floor (2017, mixed media, installation detail)

I just can’t see the forest for the floor. But I’ll take the floor and call it a forest. Then I’ll forget the forest, I’ll forget the floor.

On a Postnatural Basis approaches photograph as part of the structures of the space and space as a photographic element. Through the artworks photograph appears as a life-imitating artificial surface, and as such it gets compared to the synthetic coverings of residential interiors and human-built environment. The dialogue between photograph and installed materials makes our living environment seem as an absurd illusion, in which natural and unnatural overlap.

The layered and transforming nature of culture can be seen as an essential theme of the exhibition. With layer by layer the understanding of authentic changes. A new wallpaper covers the old one, until the first layer becomes forgotten. The visible surface keeps on living its own life transforming into the new original.

Kristiina Mäenpää (b.1990) graduated as a visual artist from Turku Arts Academy in 2014. She lives and works in Turku. Her work is about interaction between space and photograph, cultural constructions and the influence pictures has on changes of culture and ways of thinking.

The exhibition has been supported by Sandudd Oy, Mattokymppi ja ATV Aninkaisten Tapetti ja Väri.

Welcome to the Opening on Thursday 4th of May at 6-8 pm!

Meet the artist on Wednesday 24th of May at 4-6pm!