Enni Suominen

5th – 28th December 2014


Remembrance, dent, detrition, stain, fingerprint, achievement, note, coincidence or planned action?

Some surface you want to touch only lightly, other one to scratch, to rub, to discolor or to wash with your fists.

Welcome to a journey of exploration!

In the upstairs of Gallery Å painter Enni Suominen assembles an installation made of objects originated in every corner and in the middle of her working space. Individual pieces form a greater whole, around which each can contemplate whether the result is a solid landscape, a map, a continuum of ideas, a strange mixture or perhaps something else.

Enni Suominen (b. 1982) graduated from Free Art School in the year 2012. Her works are diverse paintings and drawings, which appear also as sculpture-like elements and installations. Suominen works on different surfaces and tries a variety of materials. Sometimes she handles traditional canvas and sometimes she processes various objects; in the same manner as oil colour is erased and the paint runs away from a turpentine cloth, she might examine what appears when an ink painting becomes a victim of a sandpaper or a pile of books winds up under a water tap

Welcome to the opening on Thursday 4th of December at 6-8 pm and to meet the artist on Sunday 28th of December at 3pm!

Gallery Å is closed on Independence Day 6th December and on Christmas 24th-26th December. Otherwise the gallery is open Tue-Fri 12-18 and Sat-Sun 12-16.