Suvi Härkönen

5th – 28th December 2014

When You Hear This Sound

Suvi Härkönen: Kun kuulet tämän äänen (2014)

Suvi Härkönen: When you hear this sound (2014)

When you hear this sound consists of soundscapes through which I construct a certain type of self portrait. I consider the nature of self portrait as illusory, narrative and a shifting area shaped by the starting points of the listener. To gain an image of the maker of the work the listener has to put her/himself into a position that inevitably escapes objectivity.

The sounds can each be perceived as a separate work. Alternatively they can be looked at as sums of the different pieces or as one whole in which the different soundscapes color and continue each other while the overall image is built somewhere in between the pieces.

Suvi Härkönen (b.1982) focuses on different types of experiential installation while emphasising the possibilities of light and sound elements in the construction of holistic spaces. She’s especially interested in the characteristic process of immersion of the spectator and the work of art that happens in an installation and that forms through the spectator’s experience. Härkönen has studied Fine Arts in Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Institute of Design and Fine Arts and in the master program of Visual Culture in Aalto University.

Welcome to the opening on Thursday 4th of December at 6-8 pm and to meet the artist on Sunday 28th of December at 3pm!

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