The Artist of the Year 2012: Mari Metsämäki

5th – 29th December 2013

Open Book

Mato (Worm), 2013

Mato (Worm), 2013

Last winter I was all at sixes and sevens. The summer and autumn were spent lazing. An exhibition was on the way. No worries. On October 1st I started to paint. Years of work behind me. Again I had to start over.

I have a mission. I’ve experienced psychosis. I remember thinking: why hadn’t anyone told me that something like this exists? Is this where fairytales come from? You’re thrown in the middle of a fully realistic imaginary world. How do you cope this? I paint. The invisible has to be made visible. I comfort myself with my pictures. I take them seriously. There isn’t such thing as a stupid thought.

Drawings and paintings: two bodies of work fill Gallery Å like gas. Downstairs there is a leafable wall book and upstairs there are paintings inspired by the technique used in decoration painting. You take several colours to the paintbrush and roll over. What a pleasure! The viewer gets to mirror against the works. There’s something so familiar and something a little strange. Just as long as we speak about it. Anyone can be imagined pussyfooting in the corridors of a mental institution. The germ is in all of us. Imagination is awesome!

Mari Metsämäki (b.1971) is the Artist of the Year 2012 chosen by Turku Artist’s Association.

The exhibition was supported by Turku Board of Culture.

Welcome to the opening on 4th of December at 6-8pm! Meet the artist on 15th of December at 3pm.

Note that the gallery is closed on 6th of December (Independence Day) and 24th-26th of December.