Antje Pehle

6th – 29th November 2015



“The title of my exhibition DISTANCE relates to both space and time. Since winter 2009, I have spent several months as artist-in-residence in different regions of Finland. I was and still am astonished by the changing seasons, the light and the magnificent landscapes. The tranquility and vastness are a stark contrast to my life in Berlin.

During my first residency at Nelimarkka Museum in Alajärvi in January and February 2009, I started the drawing project »experiencing landscape«, which captured Finnish landscape and nature. To explore the seasons, I continued this project in Alajärvi in autumn 2010 and as artist-in-residence in Ateljé Stundars in Sulva in summer 2012.

The series »time shift« from 2012 was inspired by and focused on Finnish interior: I collected pieces of wallpaper that I found in old houses and made drawings, in which I mimic signs of decomposition of interior design. My approach blends many elements – I reuse those found patterns, shapes and colours to generate something new, something contemporary, something surprising. A single piece of wallpaper can be looked at as a snapshot of time, sometimes superimposed with a new layer of wallpaper as well as reprising traditional patterns.

During a stay as artist-in-residence in spring 2014 in Drake AiR Kokkola, I strove to capture the experience of landscape and passing time. This project I took further at Serlachius Residency Mänttä in 2015 in the series »Constructed Space«, which deals with the architecture of the city. Interior decoration, buildings and surroundings are combined. Its an ongoing project and my current aim is to further investigate the connections between shapes and colours as well as between natural, architectural surroundings and interior decoration by layered, texturised drawings.

In my exhibition at Galleria Å you can discover work from 2009 until now and from all these series dealing with nature and interior, uninhabited and inhabited scenes. On the last day of the exhibition, Sunday 29.11.2015 at 2pm I will give a talk in the gallery space to which you are warmly invited. Welcome!”

“My work focusses on drawing – by layering ink, pencil, crayon, watercolour on paper with an untextured surface and by letting them react with each other I create the effect that there is always something that disappears, but something that one still can get a hunch of. Line by line, patterns, structures and forms are becoming objects and rooms – things emerge and vanish. There is something to behold from afar and discoveries to be made when coming closer to the work. This technique of drawing multiple layers takes time and I am always working on more than one drawing at the same time. The watercolour is drying on one piece, while I continue working on another one.

Although my work often appears to be quite abstract, it almost always has very concrete roots. Usually, I first take photos and use these as a model for my drawings. Through a creative process of reducing and isolating visual experiences, my work is a mixture of very tangible sources and imagination.

Sometimes, people ask why my drawings are so small. I experimented with larger formats, but the process felt very awkward. Even though I could still draw long straight lines by hand, the movements and the idea of filling so much space were incompatible with my approach. I keep coming back to small sizes. With formats ranging from postcards to A4 I feel most at home.”

Antje Pehle: untitled, 2015, 10,5 x 15 cm, pencil, crayon, watercolour on paper and untitled, 2015, 10,5 x 15 cm, ink, pencil, crayon, watercolour on paper

Antje Pehle: untitled, 2015, 10,5 x 15 cm, lyijykynä, värikynä, akvarelli paperille ja untitled, 2015, 10,5 x 15 cm, muste, lyijykynä, värikynä, akvarelli paperille