Arja Maarit Puhakka

6th – 29th November 2015

Lines and moments: Time Travel Through Parallel Universes of Lines


“In my line drawings I place people and things into a manifold network of crossing lines. For me these lines represent different levels of being, or the parallel worlds, as one of the central theories of cosmos, the theory of the Parallel Universes of Lines, states. In this theory, lines are taught to be hypothetical parts of the universe, which define the positions of the things, also for us, people. In reality we do not know if the universe is infinite, or if there exists several parallel worlds, or if we could travel through time simply by moving from one dimension to another. Human beings have, however, always been fascinated by the idea of multiple universes. People have tried to understand their place in the world through mythologies or religions, by constructing mathematical theories or expressing this need by creating artworks.

We as humans can detect only the four dimensions of length, breadth, depth and time, but with art it is possible to construct spaces and situations where the things occur in more than one dimension at the same time. This is not new as such since artists have always mixed past and future, changed the laws of perspective in their works and imagined different cosmic existences. People can also intuitively understand these pictures, now more than ever, as virtual world is part of our everyday life.

In my work I create theoretical constructions of the universe with simple technique. The drawn network of lines represents multileveled reality. I use the technique of meditative drawing, which I call the technique of Free Line. The starting point for the images is lines, which I draw with free movements without any beforehand-contemplated idea or figure. When the lines start to resemble something I can recognize, I start to take out this image by new, more detailed lines, and, gradually, the network changes from lines to figures with different shades. Movement is an essential part of this process. When I draw on a huge surface the whole body takes part to the movement. When something starts to evolve out of the lines, my movements get more and more detailed. One might even say that the process of drawing is more important than the artwork itself. One could continue the movement into evermore-smaller universes.

Although drawing and making sketches has always been part of my working, drawing has become an increasingly important part on my artwork. About vive years ago I found out how the technique of meditative movement affected the way I drew, and changed the appearance of lines in my drawings. In the exhibition Lines and Moments, part of the works are drawn on papers hanging on the wall, part is drawn straight on the wall, and some even on the floor. The space is filled with lines crossing each other. Voices of the drawing process complete the work (Soundtracks work).”

Sculptor and visual artist Arja Maarit Puhakka lives and works in the city of Parainen, in the archipelago region of Finland. Her works could be described experimental, and her interest range from traditional sculpture to modern installations including paintings and drawings.

Meet the Artist and The Free Line in Drawing -workshop at Saturday 21st Nov at 1-3 pm.Welcome!

Arja Maarit Puhakka: a detail from drawing installation of Lines and moments: Time Travel Through Parallel Universes of Lines

Arja Maarit Puhakka: a detail from drawing installation of Lines and moments: Time Travel Through Parallel Universes of Lines