Sallamari Rantala


7 April – 30 April 2017

Slowly reading my mantra ”I love my car”. Yes I do…
– Jurgis Bernatonis

For a period of time in my art practice I have been pondering how built surroundings effect human. How behavior, cognition and sociality of an individual of industrial culture develops, and what kind of attachment relationships and dependencies human develops to one’s built surroundings. Starting point of the art works in this exhibition are texts of a psychologist and a pioneer on personality research Liisa Keltikangas-Järvinen about sociality and personality disorders. I borrowed parts from her texts and modified them by adding few words, so that instead of human relationships the text talks about ”sociality towards objects” and ”object narcissism”. I used this text to make a shortfilm as an attempt to scrutinize the issue.

The exhibition shows also a weaving work. I have been pondering thoughts of an archeologist Lambros Malafouris about a concept of extended cognition, which he has explored through evolution, biology, social sciences and phenomenology. Malafouris elaborates a thought that human is constantly in interaction with one’s surroundings. A plant fiber or wool is produced to yarn and further to cloth, taking the cloth to use and using it brings about material changes (body is covered, building of industrial infrastructures) which have affected on human mind and further developed the culture into the directions offered by material world. By weaving I have been studying the time spent together with myself and the weaving and how both influence on each other.

My tools of work are video and sound, weaving, sculpting and different kinds of craftmaking, through which I explore industrial culture, industrial individual, diversity of things and inexpicability.

LOVE MY CAR is my graduation exhibition from Turku Arts Academy.

Welcome to the Vernissage on Thu 6 April at 6 pm!

Gallery Å is closed 14 and 16 April.