Renja Leino

8th November – 1st December 2013

Birds Pub Vol. 2 Nature Is.


Renja Leino: Happy Hour, video

Renja Leino: Happy Hour, video (2:02h)

For ages man has been feeding birds and animals of the forest, in order for them to survive the winter – but also because it is fascinating and also comforting to follow their lives: world’s rumble is forgotten. In observing the creatures of nature, the sphere of life is condensed without noticing, and everything else is left out: there is but this moment. At times the Birds Pub looks like a decoration on our courtyard. On the other hand, it also looks rather wretched when it is observed more closely; pork rinds, seeds and bird excrements. I am fascinated by this simultaneous wretchedness and decorativeness. The surrounding nature and its animals and the birds’ frantic eating, squabbling and territorial fights bring poignancy and astonishment from day to day.

The birds’ behaviour begins to remind of the human himself. Thought wanders and ponders about values, hunger, street children, people searching their food from dumps. It is clear that feeding the animals in the winter is possible in a time of abundance. Thus we pose more treats to offer in the Birds Pub. Birds come like invited – and for a moment it is like we knew each other. Maybe we do, but who’s to say at last? Nature doesn’t care. Nature is. The exhibition consists of new works, photographs and videos. Happy Hour –video work was shown at Mänttä Art Festival this summer. Pork rind and gold meet in the work Night Club. Birds Pub OnLine was installated at Wäinö Aaltonen Museum in 2012.  The current exhibition continues with the same subject. Renja Leino is living and working in Korppoo. She has held several individual and group exhibitions both in Finland and abroad. Leino has worked for a long time as a lecturer in photography in Arts Academy of Turku.

The exhibition was supported by Swedish Cultural Foundation (Svenska Kulturfonden).

Welcome to the opening on 7th of November at 6pm-8pm! Meet the artist on 1st of December at 3pm-4pm.