Eija Pii

9th October – 1st November 2015

Organic constructions

Eija Pii: Tree, tree, 2014, woodcut collage on wood

Eija Pii: Tree, tree, 2014, woodcut collage on wood.

“Rhythm of elements and changing nuances of texture and colors are completing each other on my artwork. Actually it’s not me who decides which will become the dominant characteristic feature of the final work, the piece itself suggests and imposes it.

I filter my subjects from individual, human life, my surrounding environment and personal experiences of it.

Miracle of birth, wonderings of youth, finding your spouse, giving birth to children, realizing that their growing means you’re growing old.

It is all about changes of energy, inevitable metamorphoses. Life is precious and fragile.
For my eyes the beauty lies on constant movement, natural growth, intentions towards unknown and exciting.

The necessity of producing my ‘art things’ means simply, that I want to give a birth and make visible and sustainable some fading moments in life. Art is one of the most important way to express my inner life. First and most physical thing after the sketches is the struggle with stiff woodblocks on cutting them, “cutting the light out from them”, as I explained about my black-and- white woodcuts, when someone asks about the techniques.

Second quite a different stage is finding the right colors corresponding or completing the composition. This means printing proofs, perhaps cutting another block, proofs again. This experimenting has been my life over the past twenty years now.

As long as the images themselves ask me to carry on with the process, I keep on transforming them, even sometimes it means to destroy them, recollecting the ripped off pieces and forming a completely new construction. The final work might consist pieces from five or more archetype images, which were originally done few months or several years ago. The process might end up as an oil painting after all.”

The exhibition is supported by the Päijät-Häme Regional Fund of Finnish Cultural Foundation.

The opening of the exhibition is on Thursday 8th of October at 6.00 p.m. Welcome!