Annika Dahlsten

10th December 2016 – 5th January 2017

Nocturnal Butterfly

Annika Dahlsten: Nocturnal Butterfly (2015), animation

Annika Dahlsten: Nocturnal Butterfly (2015), animation

The exhibition consist of an animation, Nocturnal Butterfly (2015) and an installation. The journey of a butterfly becomes a melancholic metaphor of a human life, lost in an unknown world.

In the film Nocturnal Butterfly, the winged main character comes upon a still life composed of objects depicting the brevity of time, and the inevitability of the end. Vanitas themes, popular in art since Middle Ages, remind the spectator, that earthly pleasures are transient, and that death equals all things. Tokens and symbols connected with death are also deeply human. They speak of our need to understand the mystery of death, and to deal with fears attached to it.

In Ancient Greek, the word psykhe means life, originally breathing. The word also means the goddess Psykhe, the personification of the soul, and a butterfly. Breathing life into an object refers to creating art.

An installation continues the world of the film. It is a slowly breathing room: handwriting appears on a piece of paper, a butterfly flutters in the room as a shadowy glimpse. Fading flowers are dropping leaves, the candle burns out, and bursts into flames again.

The work rhymes with the animation, evoking thoughts about remembering, loneliness and seizing the moment. The theme of the exhibition is memento mori – remember that you must die. In other words: remember to live.

Nocturnal Butterfly has been screened in over 40 international film festivals and recieved more than ten nominations or honorary mentions. The British Sandbar Film Festival and Discovery Film Festival chose Nocturnal Butterfly as an animation of the year 2016 and the film is distributed in Europe by ARTE broadcasting company. Nocturnal Butterfly was shown at the Mänttä Art Festival XXI in this summer and lately at Love&Anarchy festival in Helsinki. The film will be screened at a film festival in Rimini, Italy in December.

Annika Dahlsten works and exhibits both in Finland and abroad. Her works are at the moment shown in Jyväskylä, at Gallery Ratamo and in Rabat, Morocco. A public work called “The Spring” was published in Turku this autumn. A series of glassworks with lights are mounted on the walls of newly renowated Vaisteentalo at the market place.

The exhibition has been supported by Central Arts Council, Föreningen Konstsamfundet, Turku town and Turun Ekotori Reuse Centre.

Welcome to the Opening on Friday 9th December at 6-8 pm!
Meet the Artist on Thursday 5th January at 5 to 6 pm.