Tonja Goldblatt

20.07. – 12.08.2012

We will all be forgotten

Tonja Goldblatt: Sarjasta: Kaikki me unohdumme

Sarjasta: Kaikki me unohdumme
Kirjoituskone kukan terälehdille
15 x 10 cm

While making this exhibition I’ve been thinking of memories and remembering. A person constructs their past according to their memories. What has been written down or photographed becomes the only truth after a while, even though there might be many other sides to the matter, because everything else will be forgotten. And at the same time all the undocumented moments vanish from our minds, as the stronger ones override them. And in the end even the strongest memories fade, and the only thing that is left are notes that make no sense to anyone.

On the other hand it is also a very comforting thought that we forget. We all have our awkward moments that make us blush even years later when we remember them. It is good to remember that we will all be forgotten with time.

The exhibition consists of drawings, engravings on glass as well as mixed media pieces. The lower floor of the gallery is lit dimly, and you enter it with a flashlight. You can only see a part of the pieces in the spotlight of the lamp, and some pieces can only be seen as shadows. The lamp nicely illustrates the selective quality of our reality: we only notice what we turn our gaze to – or in this case, in a very concrete way, what we turn our flashlight to.

The materials I use – paper, dried flower petals and glass – are fragile things. Like memories. A person can try to preserve the memories, try to leave a mark of themselves in the world (and what else am I trying to do here), but in the end we will all be forgotten.