90 Years of Art Flow!

Posted on 13.1.2014

Turku Artists’ Association celebrates this year its 90th birthday. Officially the jubilee year is launched on the founding day of the association, 23th of April, when the whole program for the year is made public.

The jubilee year will include special program as well as our annual events, which are well known and expected by art friends. The events will include exhibitions, urban art, meetings and interviews with artists among other events, like astonishing soirees which have gained their inspiration from the history of our association.

The jubilee exhibition Virtaa! (Flow!) which is open for all our members, will be seen in Gallery Å, Turku from April 25th to May 11th and in Galleria 5, Oulu from May 21th to June 7th.

The fifth event for site-specific art FLUXATIONS 2014 – fluxations in the city will bring art to the inner courtyard of Turku Main Library. Video art will be reflected to library’s walls during dark evenings of the end of autumn.

The 90th annual exhibition of Turku Artists’ Association will be held 12.9.–12.10.2014 in Galleria Berner and Vanhan Raatihuoneen Galleria by the Old Great Square, Turku. The application for works by all artists from Finland Proper is launched in summer 2014. Turku Artists’ Association’s Artist of the year will again be chosen from among the artists chosen to the exhibition, and s/he will get a free exhibition from Gallery Å for the year 2015. In year 2013 the title was given to Minnamaria Nurmi, whose exhibition will be seen in Gallery Å 23.5.–15.6.2014.

Get to know our artists!
During the jubilee year the association presents one of its artist members per month. Interviews by Enni Niemelä will be published the first Tuesday of every month on the Turku Artists’ Association’s home page and in facebook.

Read the interviews:

January’s member Eija Tähkäpää
February’s member Aaron Hiltunen
March’s member Sanna Vainionpää
April’s member: Toni Hautamäki
May’s member: Minnamaria Nurmi
June’s member: Raili Leppänen
July’s member: Matti Toivonen
August’s member: André Peterdi
September’s member: Riitta Liede
October: Minna Maija Lappalainen
November: Tonja Goldblatt
December: Hanna-Leena Partanen

The program will be supplemented during the year; changes in the schedule are also possible.