Artists and artist groups from Southwest Finland: Propose video art to FLUXATIONS!

Posted on 1.8.2014

Call for artworks for the event FLUXATIONS ­ flows and currents in the city is open 1.–31.8.2014.

This year’s FLUXATIONS – flows and currents in the city is an event concentrating on video art in the urban space of Turku on the inner yard of the Turku Main Library 7.–23.11.2014. The call for artworks is now open for artists from Southwest Finland and is seeking 1–3 video works to bring light, flow and joy to the darkest season. The works for the event are curated by the regional artist for performance art Leena Kela.

Artists and artist groups from Southwest Finland can propose video works to be projected on the projection wall on the inner yard of the Main Library that can also be seen from Linnankatu. It must be taken into account in the realization of the works that they work well on a big screen and that they fit in the city that is growing dark for winter. In addition the works should be voiceless. As the videos are situated in a public space, they must be suitable for all ages.

For the chosen works, a screening fee of 200 euros will be paid to the artists/artist groups. Artists from Southwest Finland (Varsinais-Suomi) can take part in the application. In case of working groups at least one of its members must come from Southwest Finland.

PLEASE NOTE! Because we are to construct a unified whole from the chosen works, we wish that the works will be delivered on a DVD that has as good quality as possible (one work per DVD) in the video format H.264 and as an .avi or .mov -file, with the minimum resolution of 1440 X 1080, PAL 25fps.

Please return the thoroughly filled application form with its enclosures by 31.8. (postmark of the date is approved) by mail or delivered personally to the address:

Turku Artists’ Association/Turun Taiteilijaseura
Galleria Å
Kaskenkatu 1
20700 Turku

Mark the envelope with “Fluxations”.

Application form (doc)

FLUXATIONS ­ flows and currents in the city 2014 is the fifth event of environmental art situated by the river Aura and coordinated by Turku Artists’ Association. The first Flux Aura -event was organized in the summer 1996.

Enquiries by email:
Exhibition secretary Sanna Vainionpää