Apply for the Taf Taf Residency Programme!

Posted on 5.4.2013

The Taf Taf Residency Programme is open to students, artists and professionals of different fields who are interested in exploring the everyday life of Senegal through communal activities. The residency is an active part of the community life and thus it is possible to undertake different kind of workshops, research projects and internships within it.

During the residency programme it is possible to stay in the Taf Taf Project Community Centre situated in the middle of a busy neighbourhood. The accommodation will be in cool reed rooms built on the top of the building.

The residency programme is a part of the Taf Taf Project that aims to improve the living conditions of the poor neighbourhood of Santhiaba.Residency artists are painting a big wall painting with local people.

How to apply for the residency programme

The residency period is 1-3 months. The participants are selected according to their project outlines. The projects must be accomplished together with a local quarter or a group of local residents. Knowledge of French is desirable but not obligatory. Membership of Turku Artists’ Association is not compulsory. The application period is continuous.

The participant pays 100 euro/month. The fee includes the airport pick-up service and one meal a day.

It is also possible to take a room in the Community Centre for a holiday or for independent work. In this case the rent is 50 euro/week.

A free-form project outline and CV should be sent to the following address:

Turun Taiteilijaseura ry/Galleria Å
Minna Maija Lappalainen
Kaskenkatu 1
20700 Turku

You can also send your application via e-mail: taftaf(at)


It is possible to do a study-related internship at the residency. Depending on the field of studies, the internship will be accomplished as a part of the Taf Taf Project or together with a local quarter. For example, students studying midwifery have done their internships at a local hospital, students of educational sciences have done internships at a local school and French students have worked as interpreters.

For more information please contact Minna Maija Lappalainen, taftaf(at) or +358 50 596 5456.