The New Part of the Taf Taf -project Brings Art Lessons to Schools in Santhiaba

Posted on 8.2.2013

Taf Taf is a cooperation project between Turku Artists’ Association and a residential association in Dakar Senegal. The new part of the project

provides art lessons to children in elementary school level during years 2013-2015. Because of the lack of resources the schools in Santhiaba are not able to organize teaching in arts though it includes to their syllabus. Hyvä koulu -project is coordinated by Turku Artists’ Association and the target is to assist the local schools by offering a travelling teacher in arts subject. The Finnish artists participating the residency program get round to imply their own project as a part of the Hyvä koulu -project in future.

The Hyvä koulu -project is funded by The Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland.

More information about the Taf Taf -project and the residency program here.