Talking About Art and Inspiration

Posted on 6.2.2013

“From Ideas to an Art Work” consists of three lectures where the artists tell about their methods, ideas and inspiration and how these elements combines to an artwork. Lecturers are in Studio-auditorium at the Turku City Library on 14th February 2013, 13th March 2013 and 4th September 2013 every night from 5.30 pm to 8 pm. The Lectures are part of the Kulkulupa-event which will be organized 7th–8th September 2013.

“From Ideas to an Art Work” is organized by the Turku City Library and the Regional Office of Southwest Finland of the Art Promotion Centre of Finland.

The participating artists are

14th February 2013

Kati Immonen

Jani Rättyä

Saara Ekström

13th March 2013

Elina Ruohonen

Anne Koskinen

Tiina Vainio

4th September 2013

Antti Laitinen

Henna Aho


The lectures are in Finnish.