Kulkulupa – Studio Pass opens doors to artists’ studios!

Posted on 26.8.2014

Arranged for the 12th time this year, Kulkulupa – Studio Pass opens the doors to nearly 60 artists and artist communities’ studios in Turku and its neighbourhoods. Visitors get to see artists, their works and techniques. Most importantly the event yields in encounters between artists, ideas, works and audience. In addition, many studios have small commercial exhibitions and other program.

The traditional art lottery is a part of the Kulkulupa event also this year. Kulkulupa studio passes are distributed at all sites of the event and on every visit you can get a stamp on it. With five stamps you can take part in a lottery with art-related prizes. List of the prizes can be seen on Kulkulupa’s webpages.

The Kulkulupa sites are open Sat-Sun 6.-7.9.2014 from 11am to 5pm. A finissage open to all is in Turku Artoteque (Taidelainaamo) on Sunday 7.9. at 4-8 pm. Welcome!

Seize the day and venture out to the world of art!

Kulkulupa 2014 la-su 6.–7.9.2014

Kulkulupa 2014 la-su 6.–7.9.2014

See the Kulkulupa sites, presentations of the artists and latest updates of the programme from www.kulkulupa.net or from Kulkulupa’s Facebook-pages .

In year 2014 Kulkulupa event is produced by Turku Artists’ Association in cooperation with artists, artist communities and artist-run galleries in Turku.