Call for exhibition proposals Kunsthalle Turku 2019

Posted on 11.10.2018

Kunsthalle Turku is a new visual arts centre to be opened in the Old Town Hall of Turku in early 2019. Two of the main artist communities from the area, Turku Artists’ Association and Photographic Centre Peri, will move into Kunsthalle Turku. The artists’ associations will organise exhibitions and events in the space, and maintain a digital studio for visual artists as well as a library of material related to photography. Kunsthalle Turku will be a living centre for creativity, art sales, meetings, art services and events.

Kunsthalle Turku will meet the need for changes in the field by renewing the existing operational models. The focus will shift towards supporting the artists, developing the processes of art sales and renewing the exhibition practices. The exhibitions will be free of charge for the artist. The artist will not have to pay for other expenditure, either, such as assistance in hanging the exhibition or printed material. The artist will be compensated for any participatory events organised alongside the exhibition, as agreed in the contract. The artists will be offered an opportunity to receive a so-called “Insight into the exhibition” article about the exhibition. The writer’s fees will be covered by the exhibition organisers. The Photographic Centre Peri will offer a production grant on a yearly basis to one photographic artist or photographer making his/her debut.

Kunsthalle Turku’s first open call for exhibitions is now open! Exhibition proposals for the year 2019 will be accepted until Sunday 11 November.

We would especially like to see new productions of visual arts or photography previously unforeseen in Turku and suited for the space of Kunsthalle Turku. All artists working with visual arts, photography or video are encouraged to apply. We are also interested in multidisciplinary arts and exhibitions breaking artistic boundaries. Applications by groups of artists are also accepted. We encourage artists to propose participatory and alternative events to be organised alongside their exhibition.

The available exhibition periods are:
1 – 24 March
29 March – 21 April
24 May – 16 June
2 – 25 August
6 – 29 September
1 –24 November


The Old Town Hall located in the Great Old Square of Turku was built in the year 1829 in the ruins of Berner’s Town Hall built in 1736 and destroyed in the Great Fire of Turku in 1827. The building is old and includes various exhibition spaces. You can propose an exhibition for one or more spaces. Floor plans (pdf).

Second floor, 52+20+40=112 m2 (currently called Vanhan Raatihuoneen galleria)
The larger gallery on the second floor consists of a rectangular space with a row of windows facing the square on one side; there is a lot of natural light in the space. The gallery contains unusual elements for an exhibition space, such as wide grey floorboards, windows and a tiled fireplace. The exhibition space on the second floor is suitable for both two-dimensional artwork hanging on the walls, as well as different kinds of installations. The space is lit by gallery-quality spotlights.

Second floor, 34 m2, the space can be darkened
The smaller exhibition space on the second floor will be opened to the public for the first time in early 2019. The space resembles a white cube and has walls for hanging artwork. It can also be darkened for screening purposes. The space is located next to the bigger gallery, with a direct entry from the staircase. The ceiling is fitted with gallery-quality spotlights. The space will be renovated for gallery use in early 2019, and therefore we ask you to take into consideration any possible changes.

First floor, 52 m2, no walls for hanging artwork (exhibition periods from 1 to 23 March, and from 29 March to 21 April)
The space on the first floor is offered for an exhibition for two exhibition periods, and it is most suited for installations, as there are no walls for hanging artwork. It is, however, possible to display two-dimensional artwork on movable walls or stands. One of the walls has a rail for hanging pictures. The space is located at the entrance, with its windows facing the Great Old Square. Project-based art activities open to the general public can also be proposed for the space. The ceiling is fitted with gallery-quality spotlights.


The exhibitions last for just over three weeks, with days for the installation, opening and taking down of the exhibition added. The opening is, in general, arranged on the Thursday preceding the first day of the exhibition. The exhibition organiser is responsible for the transport of the artwork, transport insurance, exhibition insurance and his/her own travel costs.

The exhibition contract includes the following services:
• Rent of the exhibition space and supervision of the gallery for the duration of the exhibition
• Design, printing and distribution of the exhibition poster, including 10 copies for the artist
• Proofreading the exhibition text and list of artwork, as well as related translations
• Sending the press release and electronic invitation to Kunsthalle’s own contact lists
• Advertising the exhibition in Peri’s and Turku Artists’ Association’s own websites, separate events calendars and social media
• The services of an assistant during the days of installation and taking down of the exhibition (3 x 8h = 24h)
• Recording the number of visitors and following the media coverage, documenting the exhibition
• Contacting the press, arranging the opening (including the snacks and drinks)
• Organising the sales of artwork and related material (30% commission)

Artists can use the gallery’s equipment free of charge. At the moment, the equipment includes: a video projector, a 32” flat screen, a DVD player, a Raspberry media player and speakers. The artist is responsible for other possible equipment and its costs. During the participatory workshops organised in accordance with the exhibition, the artist has access to, for instance, a photo printer.

After the operating grants have been allocated at the turn of the year, we will be able to verify whether the exhibitions will be free of charge, and confirm the grant for an artist making a debut, as well as compensation for possible events organised alongside the exhibition. The opening times of Kunsthalle Turku and information about the spaces will be specified in more detail in the exhibition contract drafted in January 2019.


The application process takes place digitally. Please fill in the application form here.

Attach the following documents to support your application:
• an exhibition plan including suggestions for possible events to be organised alongside the exhibition
• CV (doc, rtf, pdf) and
• images of work to be exhibited or examples of previous production (5-10 images in jpg format)

Uploading files through the online form requires a Gmail/Google account. If you do not have one, please send the supoorting files in one single email (max 10MB) to: nayttelyt(at) Please write your name + NÄYTTELYHAKU 2019 in the subject of the email. The form and supporting files must be received by Sunday 11 November 23:59 (EEST).

Although we prefer electronic applications, paper versions will also be accepted. Fill in the online form and send it with the attachments to Turun Taiteilijaseura / Galleria Å, Kaskenkatu 1, 20700 Turku, Finland. You can also submit the application to Galleria Å in person. Applications from Finland should be postmarked no later than 8 November 2018 and from other countries no later than 5 November 2018.

The exhibition committee of Kunsthalle Turku consists of members of Photographic Centre Peri and Turku Artists’ Association. The committee will make their decision during November. All applicants will be informed of the result by e-mail (or by a text message, if the applicant has not provided an e-mail address).