Exhibitions at Kunsthalle Turku 13.12.2019 – 12.1.2020

Posted on 10.12.2019

Welcome to the opening of exhibitions in the presence of the artists Thursday 12 December from 6 to 8 pm.

Ville Kumpulainen / Eye and Idea

The exhibition explores connections between physical sculptures, photographs and texts. The works feature warped dimensions, illogicality, vacuums, holes, distortions and weightlessness. Kumpulainen approaches spaces and objects experimentally through the construction of images. Various structural components can be discovered in the pieces; objects found on the street, words collected from books and newspapers, archived photographs and analogue photographic papers. 

Anna Knappe & Amir Jan / Afganistan 100

2019 is the year when Afghanistan celebrates its 100 years of independence. The same year is also an anniversary of the beginning of the Afghan-Soviet war, which acted as a catalyst for the conflict that has been tormenting the country until now.

Celebrating the anniversaries, Anna Knappe’s and Amir Jan’s Afghanistan 100 installation presents the artist duo’s new film Warland, photographic prints and painted War rugs. The installation is a part of their series of video installations titled Mohajers, Camps and Imaginary Homes.