Exhibitions at Kunsthalle Turku 24.5.-13.6.

Posted on 24.5.2019

Aleksi Matikainen / Paintings

The exhibition consists of oil paintings created between 2017 and 2019. Painted with oils on canvas, the pieces explore strangeness and forgetting, acting as observations of the experience of otherness in our time. In Matikainens work, strangeness and forgetting is reflected as distortions external to human figures. The images of forgetting and oblivion, in turn, reflect loss.

Emilia Rüf and Tinja Ruusuvuori / Logbook

“Where people’s movement is restricted, goods travel more freely than ever. Karaoke blares from the bowels of an enormous freighter. A logbook of longing and seafarers’ sympathy towards migrants.”

Emilia Rüf and Tinja Ruusuvuori filmed seafarers at a sailors’ club in Hamburg, on board a freighter in the Mediterranean and in the city of Saint-Louis in Senegal. They wanted to find out what seafarers working in freight dream of and how their dreams enable them to understand migrants’ need to leave their home country. Seamen and migrants from low-income countries share a feeling of homesickness and a hope for a better life.

Editing: Inka Lahti
Sound design: Eero Pulkkinen
Colour adjustments: Hannu Käki

Elis Hannikainen / Who Feels Supported Here

In their installation “Who Feels Supported Here”, Elis Hannikainen explores alternative means of providing support and reinforcement. Support and reinforcement can be improvised, fragile, spontaneous or queer and it can also fail.
The exploration starts with the support that is closest to the body. The exhibition also includes an audio piece, performed by actress Elena Schmidt.

NB: June 14-16 access only with Kesärauha festival ticket.