Three new exhibitions opening in Kunsthalle Turku

Posted on 28.2.2019

In Kunsthalle Turku is opening three new exhibitions.

Sanni Weckman / Present

In her pieces, Sanni Weckman brings the portrait close to the viewer. Yet the faces and figures have been drawn with materials that could be considered out of place: pieces of thread and dried flowers have become colours, shadows and surfaces. In addition to the materials, the individuals in the pieces are likewise simultaneously familiar and strange. The presence of the portrayed people reminds us of captured moments; our memories and those of others. Behind each character, there is an entire life lived, but the pieces are transformed to depict not the individual but the collective memory. When looking at it from a new perspective, even the face of a stranger may become familiar, perhaps reminding you of a family photo-album or a nearly-forgotten friend from a school photo.

{TES} / Yhteys

Connection is an installation that reacts to the viewers breath. It is located at the intersection of art and technology, and it provides a unique way to interact and create the content of the artwork, thus prompting questions about authorship.

{TES} is a media art group whose works explore the interaction between humans and technology. The works examine, for example, how new technologies affect the consumption and creation of art, and how they affect the concept of authorship. The group consists of Tea Söderlund, Eetu Henttonen and Sami Luusalo.

Hans-Peter Schütt & Maja Breife / That Was That…

Our exhibition explores involuntary childlessness. For 10 years, we tried to start a family. The pieces in the exhibition discuss the issues faced during that time.

We worked together to create the pieces. They originated from each of our personal ideas that we refined through discussing the contents of the pieces with respect to their form and presentation.

Welcome to the exhibition opening in the presence of the artists Thursday 28 February from 6 to 8 pm.